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Accessible Campus Housing

Residence Life and Student Housing works in partnership with the UNM Accessibility Resource Center to provide accommodations to UNM self-identified students with disabilities. Students with documented disabling conditions that affect a major life activity are eligible. Students must be registered with the Accessibility Resource Center.

While special housing accommodations are available, they are limited and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Housing assignments are based on the required recommendations from the Accessibility Resource Center.  For more information, please feel free to contact the SRC 24-Hour Customer Service Desk at 505-277-2606 or the UNM  Accessibility Resource Center at 505-277-3506.

The following are common accommodations. All decisions regarding accommodation requests, including others not listed below, are made in consultation with the student's Program Specialist and in accordance with UNM Policy 2310

ARC is the certifying department for ADA housing and emotional support animal requests. Students are required to follow the same procedures for initiation of services. Once completed your Program Specialist notifies Student Life and Housing of the requested accommodations. This process is necessary for each contact renewal.

Meal Plan Exception

There are two avenues for students requesting a release from the food plan. The Meal Plan flowchart explains the process. The formal process for requesting an exemption from the meal plan due to a medical condition begins with a meeting with the Executive Chef from La Posada. Chef will discuss dietary needs and how they can best be met. If, after that meeting, the Chef and student agree that the dietary needs cannot be accommodated, the next step is to meet with ARC. It is necessary for those students to provide documentation of the chronic health condition. Once we have the medical documentation the student meets with the appropriate staff to discuss specifics details related to the meal plan and the results of the meeting with Chef. The Lobo Card office is then notified regarding the outcome of the meeting.

Service Animals

In keeping with federal and state law, the University of New Mexico recognizes its responsibilities to extend equal access to individuals with disabilities who use a Service Animal on University property.   The University will not discriminate against individuals with disabilities who use Service Animals nor, deny those persons access to programs, services and facilities of the University.

Please see UNM Policy 2295 Service and Assistance Animals for full details.

Emotional Support Animal

UNM Student Housing, including Student Family Housing, is subject to the federal Fair Housing Act which extends accommodation to Assistance Animals as well as Service Animals.

A student seeking to reside in UNM Student Housing with a Service Animal or Assistance Animal not otherwise permitted under the UNM Student Housing no-pets policy must meet the following criteria:

  • The student has a disability under federal law and the University is made aware of the disability;
  • The Service or Assistance Animal is necessary to afford the student an equal opportunity to use UNM Housing;
  • There is a direct relationship between the student’s disability and the assistance the Service or Assistance Animal provides; and
  • The request to have the Service or Assistance Animal is reasonable.

In order to receive approval to reside in UNM Student Housing with a Service Animal or Assistance Animal under this policy, a student is required to complete the following before the Service Animal or Assistance Animal may enter the University residence halls:

  1. Register with UNM ARC and follow the procedures established by that office for obtaining academic adjustments.
  2. Register with and receive written approval from UNM Residence Life and Student Housing. Initiate the process by contacting UNM Residence Life and Student Housing in Student Residence Center Commons room 212 or at 277-2383.

A student who is permitted to have an Assistance Animal in UNM Student Housing is responsible for the care and supervision of the Assistance Animal.  Additionally, an Assistance Animal may be removed from UNM Student Housing if it is out of control and effective action is not taken to control it, it is not housebroken, or it poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Please see UNM Policy 2295 Service and Assistance Animals for full details.