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Information for Faculty

Here, faculty can find basic information about the procedure for students seeking accommodations. By reading through this page, faculty will gain a further understanding about what they are responsible for and what the students are responsible for.

Before Accommodations are Implemented

Students with disabilities meet with Accessibility Resource Center staff confidentially as a first step in arranging accommodations. The staff verifies the disability and determines how the disability affects academic work. This is accomplished through discussion with the student and a review of documentation.

Accommodation Process

After the disability and its functional limitations are verified, the student is provided information about the various reasonable accommodations that address the student's disability. The student then chooses the reasonable accommodations that best apply in a given course or semester.

  • Students indicate the need for accommodation letters through submission of course schedule each semester to the department.
  • Accommodation letters are sent through campus mail to each requested faculty member appearing on the student semester schedule.
  • Faculty are informed of the presence of a signed language interpreter or special accommodations in the classroom prior to the start of the semester.
  • When faculty/staff have been notified, additional clarification and discussion may occur.

Appeal Procedures for Students

The process regarding denial or failure to accommodate during an academic semester is as follows:

  • Student submits appeal to academic department
  • If resolution does not occur:Student may also submit a discrimination claim to the Office of Equal Opportunity
    • Appeal to Provost/HSC designee
    • Ad hoc committee of 3-5 members is convened

For grade appeals that involve failure to accommodate after academic semester:

  • Upon receipt of a grade appeal from a student which asserts a failure to accommodate, the academic unit can request guidance from ARC and/or OEO to verify whether a failure to accommodate occurred.
  • If it is determined that a failure to accommodate occurred, the academic unit shall take such fact into consideration to equitably resolve the grade appeal. Further, the student may simultaneously pursue a claim with Office of Equal Opportunity pursuant to its Discrimination Claims Procedure, which you can view here

Please see UNM Policy 2310, Exhibit A,  and Policy 2720 for a full text of these appeal processes.