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Information for Faculty

To notify each faculty member about accommodations that students have requested for their course, we send them an official memo through e-mail. You can view a sample memo here. Furthermore, you can access the UNM Faculty Handbook.

Course Syllabi

Every instructor should include an official statement in his/her course syllabus. The suggested syllabus statement should include the following text:

"In accordance with University Policy 2310 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), academic accommodations may be made for any student who notifies the instructor of the need for an accommodation. It is imperative that you take the initiative to bring such needs to the instructor’s attention, as I am not legally permitted to inquire. Students who may require assistance in emergency evacuations should contact the instructor as to the most appropriate procedures to follow. Contact Accessibility Resource Center at 277-3506 for additional information.

"If you need an accommodation based on how course requirement interact with the impact of a disability, you should contact me to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. At the appointment we can discuss the course format and requirements, anticipate the need for adjustments and explore potential accommodations. I rely on the Disability Services Office for assistance in developing strategies and verifying accommodation needs. If you have not previously contacted them I encourage you to do so."

Universal Design for Learning

According to the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), “Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn."

To learn more about UDL, visit the following websites: