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On Campus Resources

Student Organizations

Delta Alpha Pi is an honor society that recognizes the academic achievements of students with disabilities. Find more information about their activities and background.

Accessible Campus Community Equals Student Success (ACCESS) meets periodically at ARC in Mesa Vista Hall. Visit their Facebook page for further details.


UNM Assisting Departments 

UNM Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) – Students who receive authorization from the Student Health Center can be issued temporary handicap placards for up to 6 weeks at no cost, which will allow the student to park closer to their Residence Hall and/or classroom. Additionally, PATS offers free shuttle service to the campus community. Please visit the PATS website for more information on the transportation opportunities at:

Student Health Center – The Student Health Center may verify temporary injuries and issue a letter to Parking and Transportation Services for a temporary handicap placard, which will assist in making your campus parking a bit easier