ARC Group Photo 2023

Mission Statement

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) recognizes individuals with disabilities as an integral part of a diverse community and is committed to the provision of comprehensive resources to the University community (faculty, staff, and student) in order to create equitable, inclusive, and practical learning environments.


Reduced Courseload

If you are seeking a reduced course load so that you can receive your scholarships while taking less than 15 credits, the deadline to set that up each fall and spring semester is the third Wednesday of the semester. If you are not already registered with ARC and are seeking a reduced course load, please register as soon as possible before the deadline so that we have ample time to submit the required paperwork to the Scholarship Office.

Mental Health Collaborative

The Mental Health Collaborative (MHC) is a counseling internship program focused on serving UNM students at various student resource centers (Women’s Resource Center, El Centro de la Raza, and the Accessibility Resource Center). MHC aims to increase mental health access through trauma-responsive and culturally and linguistically centered services. Information about the program and how students can request services is posted at the link above.