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Referring Students

How to Refer Students for ARC Services

Faculty may refer students requesting accommodations due to a disability to ARC when no prior notification was received. Students requesting services should ARC and schedule an appointment as soon as they are admitted to the University of New Mexico. All applicants must submit documentation that verifies that they have a disabling condition before services can be initiated. The Accessibility Resource Center must be provided with documentation from a qualified medical and/or mental health professional or diagnostician. 

According to the criteria stated in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act (ADAAA), and UNM Policy 2310 Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities, professional evaluations are the only acceptable proof of a disabling condition. Students must also demonstrate that their need for academic adjustments or other reasonable accommodation is based solely on their permanent disability.

Read more about what is required for documentation and determining eligibility.