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On Campus Resources

Student Organizations

  • Delta Alpha Pi is an honor society that recognizes the academic achievements of students with disabilities. Find more information about their activities and background.
  • Accessible Campus Community Equals Student Success (ACCESS) meets periodically at ARC in Mesa Vista Hall. Visit their Facebook page for further details. 


UNM Assisting Departments 


Parking and Transportation Services (PATS)   – Students who receive authorization from the Student Health Center can be issued temporary handicap placards for up to 6 weeks at no cost, which will allow the student to park closer to their Residence Hall and/or classroom. Additionally, PATS offers free shuttle service to the campus community. Please visit the PATS website for more information on the transportation opportunities at: or (505) 277-1938

Student Health Center (SHAC) – The Student Health Center may verify temporary injuries and issue a letter to Parking and Transportation Services for a temporary handicap placard, which will assist in making your campus parking a bit easier. Phone  (505) 277-3136