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Physical Access

The following are common accommodations. All decisions regarding accommodation requests, including others not listed below, are made in consultation with the student's Program Specialist and in accordance with UNM Policy 2310

Accessible Furniture

Below are the guidelines for requesting the "accessible furniture" accommodation:

  1. Students requiring ADA accessible desks or chairs need to submit their class schedule prior to the beginning of the semester. 
  2. A work order is submitted to the Physical Plant of the Special Activities Unit. ADA tables and chairs are moved to the designated classroom by UNM movers. 
  3. Other accessibility issues, e.g. residence halls, campus services, organization meetings, are determined on an individual basis. It is the responsibility of the student to make ARC aware of any accessibility problems. 
  4. Custodial Services may assist in locating moved accessible furniture in academic buildings. The point of contact is the Senior Account Manager of Custodial Services.
  • Front row seating.  A seat at the front of the class is necessary to provide clear view of the lecturer and written information.
  • Back row seating (near exit).  A seat near the exit is necessary to assist in entrance and exit.

Accessible Transportation

Arrangements for accessible transportation for field trips and other events when transportation is provided by the University are made through the Department of Transportation and Parking (PATS). The type of accessible transportation is limited so it is necessary to make arrangements well in advance. PATS provides the vehicle and driver at departmental expense.

View a map of central campus with accessible routes.

Rental Equipment

There are a number of medical rental businesses in the Albuquerque area, who can offer several possible resolutions for getting to your courses. You should contact your insurance provider to see how they might assist with the cost of such equipment. Additionally, you should communicate with your physician to see what appropriate equipment might be available to assist with getting to and from your courses.